The First International Conference On Economic and Business Management
Conference Introduction
2016 The First International Conference On Economic and Business Management (FEBM2016) will be held in Qingdao during October 15-17, 2016. The aim objective of FEBM2016 is to provide a platform for researchers, engineers, academicians as well as industrial professionals from all over the world to present their research results and development activities in Economic and Business Management.

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All submissions will be peer reviewed and evaluated based on originality, technicality and research content/depth, relevance to conference.
Papers should be conforming to the conference topic.
and formatted according to the paper format.

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FEBM 2016 will be published by Atlantis Press (Advances in Economics, Business and Management Research ISSN 2352-5428), which will be submitted for indexing by ISI, CPCI and EI Compendex.
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Reviewing Results Announcement
List of Rejected Papers:
FEBM3949 FEBM0436 FEBM7868 FEBM3268 FEBM5192 FEBM8491 FEBM9047 FEBM6298 FEBM0527 FEBM4131 FEBM4425 FEBM5875 FEBM3961 FEBM9911 FEBM9162 FEBM1139 FEBM5907 FEBM4811 FEBM7740 FEBM3344 FEBM1997 FEBM3027 FEBM5764 FEBM9648 FEBM4065
List of Accepted Papers after Pre-reviewing:
FEBM4887 FEBM7486 FEBM2553 FEBM2935 FEBM4563 FEBM0395 FEBM5360 FEBM6224 FEBM7637 FEBM9072 FEBM9844 FEBM5609 FEBM2578 FEBM9524 FEBM7121 FEBM9628 FEBM0552 FEBM2454 FEBM6573 FEBM3999 FEBM0735 FEBM2871 FEBM2097 FEBM7802 FEBM5011 FEBM8649 FEBM5069 FEBM2012 FEBM0251 FEBM1903 FEBM8090 FEBM9130 FEBM1418 FEBM8881 FEBM4754 FEBM8823 FEBM8192 FEBM0285 FEBM1955 FEBM4048 FEBM8624 FEBM6225 FEBM6472 FEBM6390 FEBM2977 FEBM2213 FEBM3010 FEBM0212 FEBM6746 FEBM1005 FEBM5950 FEBM7861 FEBM8316 FEBM7395 FEBM6406 FEBM1541 FEBM4480 FEBM7304 FEBM7164 FEBM2658 FEBM0970 FEBM2486 FEBM0036 FEBM1682 FEBM1026 FEBM3500 FEBM0918 FEBM5369 FEBM9438 FEBM7797 FEBM3211 FEBM8844 FEBM3724 FEBM4407 FEBM7030 FEBM8308 FEBM0635 FEBM3525 FEBM8446 FEBM9263 FEBM3666 FEBM0685 FEBM8889 FEBM4452 FEBM2072 FEBM3093 FEBM4462 FEBM8067 FEBM4251 FEBM2996 FEBM4895 FEBM8870 FEBM3826 FEBM4845 FEBM5277 FEBM5161 FEBM6872 FEBM9034 FEBM7785 FEBM2388 FEBM2678 FEBM5887 FEBM0411 FEBM7669 FEBM3608 FEBM2159 FEBM9828 FEBM2343 FEBM8634 FEBM4071 FEBM7761 FEBM7232 FEBM8154 FEBM1175
List of Papers Waiting for Modification
FEBM2255 FEBM8331
The paper not mentioned above is pending with results.

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FEBM2016 has been included in CNKI.
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Important Dates
Paper submission due: September 28, 2016
Conference Date: October 15-17, 2016

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