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About Shanghai

Shanghai is situated at 31°41' north latitude and 121°29' east longitude. The city, whose name literally means "on the sea", is located on the east China coast just to the south of the mouth of the Yangtze river. Bordering on Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces on the west, Shanghai is washed by the East China Sea on the east and Hangzhou Bay on the south. it also occupies a central location along China's coastline. Thanks to its advantageous geographic location, Shanghai is an excellent sea and river port, boasting easy access to the vast hinterland.

What is the best time to visit Shanghai?
Shanghai is good for travel all year round thanks to the different charm in each season. However, April - November is the most recommended time. April, May, September and October are the best of the best when the weather is very comfortable with fewer rainy or hot days. Also, it is the best time to enjoy the spring and autumn foliage during these months.

Always avoid visiting during Chinese national holidays (May 1st to 3rd and October 1st to 7th) when almost all Chinese go out for the holidays. Going to Shanghai a few days ahead of these holidays would be great.

Huangpu River Night Cruise
Huangpu river cruises run from 10am until 9pm and the cruises after 6pm are most popular. They provide a spectacular view of the Bund and Pudong District by night. It is rated by some as equal to that of Hong Kong harbor at night.
The regular cruise ships start from the Bund and pass theOriental Pearl TV & Radio Tower, Binjiang Avenue and return to the Bund after reaching Yangpu Bridge. This is the most spectacular view. This allows passengers to appreciate the contrast of modern skyscrapers with the classical European buildings which are beautifully lit. Cruises including dinner are available for about 200 Yuan/person or just take in the sights for 100 Yuan/person. The cruises last for 40 minutes to 1 hour.
The cruise ships are operated by 3 cruise companies. Routes and prices may vary a little but all ships include the main sights.

Explore Night Markets
Night markets are definitely a good way to see a city and experience local life. Shanghai is no exception. The night markets are usually local food streets and grocery streets.

Local Food Streets
Street food is very popular with locals, especially the young people. Good food is very easy to sell. Most night markets starts at about 8:00 pm and close at almost 1:00 am.

Changli Road 昌里路
There are many different goods sold on this street but the street food is most famous. The most popular food is Zhou Bin Chou Tofu (Smelly Tofu). 2 hours is enough time to explore the market.
• Add: Changli Road, Pudong District 浦东新区昌里路
• Getting There: Take Metro Line 13 and get off at Changqing Road Station (长清路)

Tongbei Road 通北路
The main offering is seafood. It starts at 5:00 pm and close at 3:00 am. The most famous restaurant is Lao Si Shao Kao Restaurant(老四烧烤馆). 2 1/2 hours is recommended for the visit.
• Add: Tongbei Road of Pingliang Road, Yangpu District 杨浦区平凉路通北路
• Getting there: Take Metro Line 4 and get off at Dalian Road Station (大连路站)

Shouning Road 寿宁路
Barbecue is a major highlight of Shouning Road and especially crayfish. Er Zi Barbecue Restaurant (二子烧烤店) is very popular. It provides take-way service so that visitors could enjoy crayfishes in other restaurants and taste barbecues from Er Zi Shan Kao Restaurant also.
• dd: Shouning Road, Huangpu District 黄浦区寿宁路
• Getting there: Take Metro Line 3 and get off at Great World Station (大世界站)

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Professor of Supply Chain and Logistic Management
Iqra University, Pakistan & Brasi School of Supply Chain Management, USA

Chien Min Huang
Assistant professor
Chang Jung Christian University, Taiwan

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