The Second International Conference on Economic and Business Management
Conference Introduction
2017 The Second International Conference on Economic and Business Management (FEBM2017) will be held in Shanghai during October 21-23, 2017. The aim of FEBM2017 is to provide a platform for researchers, engineers, academicians as well as industrial professionals from all over the world to present their research results and development activities in economic and business management.

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FEBM2017 will be published by Atlantis Press.
FEBM2017 conference proceedings will be submitted for indexing by CPCI, CNKI, Wanfang data, etc.

Hot news
  1. All of the 96 accepted papers of FEBM2016 have been indexed by CPCI three months after publishing.
  2. The proceedings of FEBM 2016 are now available online, please click here to download.
  3. The conference details, including Conference Schedule, Hotel Information, One-Day Tour and Presentation Guideline have been sent to authors through email, please check in time.

Accepted Paper List (UpdateTime: September 5, 2017)
FEBM19602: The Effect of Family Ownership on the Relation between Executive Compensation and Performance: Evidence from Thailand
J. Thomas Connelly, Piman Limpaphayo*, Michael J. Sullivan
This study investigates the pay-performance relation for directors and managers in a sample of Thai public companies. It is hypothesized that family ownership mediates the pay-performance relations for directors and managers…

FEBM13081: Research on the Risks and Regulation of Financial Technology
Hangmin Li
Financial technology (FinTech) refers to technology enabled financial solutions. While the benefit of FinTech is widely recognized, the risks inherent in FinTech also rise substantial considerations. This paper will examine the impact brought by FinTech on financial market risks and stability…

FEBM14217: Chinese customers' sensory evaluation between Chinese Wine and Foreign wine
Xiang LI, Xinyue ZHU, Siyao WANG, Yujun LIU, Yukun LI
Except for the wine' s brands, price, promotion, customers have different sensory evaluation to the Chinese wine and foreign wine, which can affect the customers' purchasing decisions. The survey about the consumer' s preferences toward the domestic wine and foreign wine is implemented…

FEBM18329: Impact of Commercial Bank Internal Governance Mechanism on Credit Risk: An Empirical Study Based on China's Listed Banks
Mingwei Zhou*, Changmei Xiong
This paper systematically examines the impact of the internal governance mechanism of commercial banks on credit risk from the perspective of corporate governance of commercial banks. The results show that the proportion of the largest shareholder, the proportion of the state-owned shares, the nature of the largest shareholder…

FEBM11283: Is entrepreneur' s photo a crucial element in a crowdfunding webpage?
Xin Wang, Huaxin Wang*, Yu Zhao
This study investigates the impact of entrepreneur' s photo used in a crowdfunding webpage on investor' s initial trust, and further, the impact of initial trust on perceived risk and investment intention as well. Laboratory experiments were used to collect data…

FEBM18357: The effect of organizational behaviors on employee job performance: The moderating role of CSR and cultural values
Shuyang Wang, Fong, Hoi In Veronica* and Wong, IpKin Anthony
Employee performance significantly affects the growth and profits of firms in the service firms because of their service quality. This study aims to fill the gap in the literature by presenting an empirical framework delineating how organizational attributes…

FEBM14047: A study of intra-national consumer behaviors in China: The role of regional wealth
Xiaoyu Wu, Fong, Hoi In Veronica* and Wong, IpKin Anthony
The objective of this article is to respond to the need for intra-national research through multilevel analysis and to assist scholars and managers to better understand individual, cultural, and socioeconomical attributes in consumer purchase decisions. We develop an empirical model to examine…

FEBM12323: An Analysis of China' s Regional Capital Flow: Based on the Perspective of the Relationship between Investment and Savings
Li Chong *, Di Jingyuan
This paper analyses China' s regional capital flow based on the relationship between investment and savings. We make panel data analysis of China' s 29 provinces from 1979 to 2015 using fixed effect model, then make correlation and mean difference analysis…

FEBM15846: Research on the Improvement of Migrant Workers Employability from the Perspective of Decent Employment
Jing Chen*, Shubin Jin, Hongyan Jia and Shiying AI
The employment problem is a common concern for people all over the world. Achieving decent employment for all the people is a new idea that embodies only the goal of high quality of employment also the goal of the full employment goal. The paper selected some core keywords…

FEBM12820: Research on the mobile library marketing service of University Library under the new media environment
Xiu-li LI *, Chun-yue Liu
With the development of new media technology, mobile library service has become the main mode of University Library service. This paper introduces the concept of mobile library, service model and marketing strategy…

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1. Papers should conform to the conference topics.
2. All submissions will be peer reviewed and evaluated.
3. Only original unpublished papers can be evaluated and accepted.
4. All papers should be fluent in English.
5. Before submitting, please format your paper first.

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Submission due: October 10, 2017
Conference Date: October 21-23, 2017
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