The Second International Conference on Economic and Business Management
Conference Introduction
2017 The Second International Conference on Economic and Business Management (FEBM2017) will be held in Shanghai during October 21-23, 2017. The aim of FEBM2017 is to provide a platform for researchers, engineers, academicians as well as industrial professionals from all over the world to present their research results and development activities in economic and business management.

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1. FEBM2017 will be published by Atlantis Press (Advances in Economics, Business and Management Research; ISSN 2352-5428), and submitted for indexing by CPCI, CNKI, etc.
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Hot news
1. The proceedings of FEBM2016 have been successfully indexed by CPCI and CNKI.
2. The proceedings of FEBM 2016 are now available online, please click here to download.
3. FEBM2017 is a key support conference of Atlantis Press, and is listed in the conference list.

Paper Status List (UpdateTime: June 21, 2017)
FEBM15491: Internet Based Social Networks as the Resource Supporting International New Venture Creation
Piotr Tomski*, Felicjan Bylok, Dorota Jelonek and Elzbieta Wyslocka
The internationalization process is important both for new ventures and established enterprises. The information obtained from international contacts of the entrepreneur (using internet based social networks) may be useful…

FEBM12828: Managing organizational trust - orientation towards trust in an enterprise
Felicjan Bylok*, Piotr Tomski, Dorota Jelonek, and Elzbieta Wyslocka
The herein paper is a theoretical discussion on trust management in an enterprise and an empirical presentation of the role of a manager in terms of building trust in enterprises. In the first section, the authors at hand concentrate on various approaches to…

FEBM19734: Research on Total Factor Productivity of Manufacturing Enterprises in the Yangtze River Economic Belt
Hua Yuan, Yun Zhang*, Hongzhong Zhao
Manufacturing industry is a pillar industry in the Yangtze River Economic Belt. The paper employs data envelopment analysis (DEA) to calculate total factor productivity (TFP) of manufacturing enterprises…

FEBM14053: Empirical Analysis of the Impact of RMB Offshore Market in Hongkong on Monetary Policy in China
Jiao Yiqing*, Ye Lixin
Combined with the Markov regime switching vector autoregressive model (MS-VAR), this paper empirically analyses the nonlinear relationship between the RMB Offshore Market in Hongkong and monetary policy…

FEBM19405: Estimation of R&D capital stock in China's high-tech industry
Yan Zou, Lingjie Meng*
R&D capital stock is often used in the study of high-tech industry, but there are some deficiencies in the existing methods of measuring R&D capital stock. Based on the existing literature, a new method…

FEBM11593: Analyzing the Coordinated Development Level of Decomposed Effects of Transportation Infrastructure Economic Benefit: Case Study of Shanghai, China
Yu Suna, Yin Cui*
The economic benefit of transportation infrastructure is the positive influence on economy system generated by the use of transportation infrastructure. This paper decomposes transportation infrastructure economic benefit into four effects…

FEBM14980: Agricultural meal docking Service Based on the Electronic Commerce Platform
Li Guo*, Shuangshuang Su,Danni Hao,Hao Shen
There are some problems in traditional agricultural products circulation channels, including too many links, exorbitant cost and huge loss, which can’t adapt to the developing of modern agriculture and related industries…

FEBM18322: New approach to defining family enterprises – results of empirical research in Poland
Ewa Więcek-Janka, Adrianna Lewandowska
The paper presents theoretical foundations for developing the definition of a family enterprise in the world. The main outcome of the research is…

FEBM11212: The effect of corporate geographic location on over-investment
Xintong Shi*, Wenbin Bao
This paper aims to shed light on the effect of a firm’s geographic location on its over-investment by using different location variables based on a sample of 1936 Chinese listed firms spanning from 2007 to 2016…

FEBM11441: Could earnings momentum crash?
Min Zhang*, Wenbin Bao
It is already accepted by researchers that price momentum has crashed. How about earnings momentum? Does it also have crashed? In this paper we used two methods--- standardized unexpected earnings and the cumulative abnormal stock return to…

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Submission requirements
1. Papers should conform to the conference topics.
2. All submissions will be peer reviewed and evaluated.
3. Only original unpublished papers can be evaluated and accepted.
4. All papers should be fluent in English.
5. Before submitting, please format your paper first.

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Submission due July 20, 2017
Conference Date October 21-23, 2017

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