The Second International Conference on Economic and Business Management
Conference Introduction
2017 The Second International Conference on Economic and Business Management (FEBM2017) will be held in Shanghai during October 21-23, 2017. The aim of FEBM2017 is to provide a platform for researchers, engineers, academicians as well as industrial professionals from all over the world to present their research results and development activities in economic and business management.

Publishing and indexing
FEBM2017 will be published by Atlantis Press.
FEBM2017 conference proceedings will be submitted for indexing by CPCI, CNKI, Wanfang data, etc.

Hot news
  1. All of the 96 accepted papers of FEBM2016 have been indexed by CPCI three months after publishing.
  2. The proceedings of FEBM 2016 are now available online, please click here to download.

Paper Status List (UpdateTime: July 11, 2017)
FEBM13021: An empirical study on the relationship between the development of MICE industry and regional economic growth
Fan Haiqin
After analyzing the development of MICE industry to promote regional economic growth from the two aspects of qualitative and quantitative, the mathematical model is established…

FEBM16034: Research on the Influence of Human Resource Configurations on Garment Enterprises Performance: A Case Study of 30 Listed Companies in Stock Markets of Shanghai and Shenzhen
Guowei*, Jiangsheng, Zhangdong
Considering the different configurations of human resources in the listed garment enterprises, this paper puts forward the hypothesis that the proportion of difference types of employees can influence enterprise performance. Based on the data of 30 listed textile enterprises…

FEBM11534: Research on Efficient Implementation of ERP in Small and Medium-sized Breeding Enterprises in China
Yong Li*, Bing Liu
In China, for most small and medium-sized breeding enterprises, the implementation effects of Enterprise Resource Planning (abbreviated as ERP) are unsatisfactory. This paper discusses features of small and medium-sized breeding enterprises first…

FEBM18591: Effect of Superior-Subordinate Guanxi on Job Performance in China
Xiao-qiang MA, Jie-Liu*
In this article, 327 employees were chosen as the sample and tested using hierarchical regression, in order to examine the impact of the SSG orientated subordinate relationship to their job performance, as well as to analyze what difference proactive personality will make…

FEBM19772: Does Perceived Insider Status affect Individual performance?-------The mediating role of Members' Team Boundaries
Xiao-qiang MA, Shi-pan YANG*
Whether the identity of the team's insiders is recognized is an important factor that affects the behaviour of employees and the performance of the staff, but the research on the impact of insider's cognition on performance is lacking. This paper explores…

FEBM19340: The Intensity Evaluation Research of Equipment and Manufacturing Industry in Hebei Province
Jie Wan, Li Geng
Equipment and manufacturing industry takes a large proportion in national economy and technical equipment of national defense construction. Due to the complexity of its production process and the close relation between upstream and downstream ofenterprises…

FEBM12644: HR-management tools as the elements of labour market adaptation mechanism
Alexandr Kokovikhin*, Ivan Borisov, Natalia Sharapova, Valentina Sharapova
This paper shows that national specifics of labour market determine management tools of labour market adaptation mechanism. The aim of the research is to identify management tools of labour market adaptation, using data of Russian Federation…

FEBM19959: Study on the collaborative development of the cultural consumption industry in Liaoning province under the view of industrial convergence
Fan xiaonan*, Lai qiligeri, Bao xiaona
The goal of win-win is achieved through coordinated development, and the economic attributes of culture are symbiotic with the cultural properties of the economy. The integrated development strategy has been promoted…

FEBM12794: Research on Regional Development of China under the New Normal--Based on the Regional Coordinated Development of the Yangtze River Delta
Jie Chen, Junwen Feng
The 13th "Five-Year plan" emphasizes the regional coordinated development, for it is the key to coordinated development. Considering that China is in the economic new normal, this paper mainly studies…

FEBM16363: Analysis for the One-Stop Logistics Management of Fresh Agricultural Products
Yan-Jun Wang, Hong-Mei Gao* and Yu-Chuan Liu
Issues and concerns for food safety, agro-processing, and the environmental and ecological impact of food production have been attracted many research interests. Application of one-stop logistics service focuses on the whole supply chain process integration…

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1. Papers should conform to the conference topics.
2. All submissions will be peer reviewed and evaluated.
3. Only original unpublished papers can be evaluated and accepted.
4. All papers should be fluent in English.
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Submission due: August 20, 2017
Conference Date: October 21-23, 2017
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